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manaaki whenua, manaaki whaanau

Hayley Simmonds

August 16, 2013

Bachelor of Media Arts – Majoring in Graphic Design


Ko Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huri te hapū

Ko Pikitū te marae


Graphic Design, to me, is all about effective visual communication. This is an area that I have always been passionate about. It can include a huge variety of visual mediums such as creating posters, logos, magazine ads, album covers, and illustrations. One particular quote that inspires my work is by Albert Einstein: “Logic will get you from A-Z. Imagination will take you everywhere.” I see effective graphic design as a perfect combination of the two.


Growing up overseas in a third-world country (Tajikistan) until the age of 11 was a very defining period of my life. I believe it is one of the main reasons I am a very open-minded and inquisitive person. Art and design has always been a major part of my life, and I am constantly striving to find new and creative ways to communicate messages. I am particularly interested in print and logo design. Ideally I would love to be a graphic designer who is involved in causes I strongly support, such as not-for-profit organisations like Fair Trade.   I have discovered that I am instinctively drawn to any design that is Māori related, and find that a lot of my work expresses that side of my heritage. I have enjoyed carrying out some design work for the Raukawa Settlement Trust over the past year. It has been a great opportunity to use my skills in context whilst being involved in my own iwi.


My degree requires students to fund their own projects, and can become very costly when having to pay for software, professional printing, and materials throughout the year.  The financial support of the grant was a big contribution to these course-related costs, and definitely eased the pressure off having to find other means of funding my studies.


I would like to say a big thank you to the trustees for their generous funding and support.

Kimai Cure

August 16, 2013

Bachelor of Midwifery


Ko Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huri te hapū

Ko Pikitū te marae


Bachelor of Midwifery focuses on the care of women and their babies during the antenatal, labour and postnatal period.  It has a strong science/ pharmacology emphasis and also supports working in partnership with women and their whānau. It is a 3 year degree and I am currently in my 2nd year. I am passionate about Māori women’s health and Midwifery will enable me to continue to work towards this dream.  Initially, I would like to work in the DHB to gain confidence and build relationships within the maternity profession and then become an independent LMC midwife.


The Te Raparahi education grant has greatly helped with travel and accommodation costs as I have to travel and stay in Hamilton 8 weeks every year as part of my training at WINTEC. I would like to thank the Trust for their support, and it is very much appreciated.  Kia Ora Koutou!

Josiah Simmonds

August 16, 2013

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)             


Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Ngāti Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huri te hapū

Ko Pikitū te marae   


I attended the University of Canterbury in the pursuit of a career in Environmental Engineering. The heavy workload and studying through the February 2011 earthquake proved to be a challenging but rewarding journey, which has instilled in me a strong work ethic and a resilient spirit.  In April this year (2013), I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours. I spent the majority of my childhood overseas in Tajikistan and the Philippines. Growing up in these developing countries made me feel incredibly blessed to be a kiwi, but it also opened my eyes to a world that is far from the comforts of New Zealand.  My career choice has been heavily influenced by my desire to help those less fortunate than myself and I aspire to use my specialist skills gained at University and my profession to make a positive impact on the world.  


I am extremely grateful for the support from Te Raparahi Lands Trust in helping me achieve my goals and aspirations. The finances helped me cover tertiary and living costs in a time where I was very much the stereotypical 'poor uni student.'


Delise Waerea

August 17, 2013

Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood Education             


Ko Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huri te hapū

Ko Pikitū te marae


I am currently in the last semester of a four year Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and happy to look back on my time here at Waiariki knowing I leave with a wealth of extraordinary new learning’s and relationships that have endorsed my passion and conviction that I am in the right vocation of education for my skills and abilities. Waiariki Institue of Technology has a highly accomplished team of staff members dedicated to the achievement of high quality early learning practitioners. I have been blessed to have experienced such a well-designed institute who not only have a commitment to adult education but who work tirelessly to present classes with a kaupapa Māori approach.       


I have a passion for creating with and alongside, whānau, hapū and iwi, a pathway for delivering a bicultural curriculum and have been a strong advocate in my position as a part time reliever assisting colleagues and mangers to deliver a curriculum that reflects the needs of the community. We have recently targeted Ministry of Education's goals set out in Tataiako as our guidelines towards achieving meaningful educational experiences, always in consultation with local Kaumātua and Kuia. I hope someday to further my career with the education review board as I have a keen interest in working on a national level to assess and assist centres who may be struggling to deliver meaningful experiences for establishing a bicultural framework.    


Most people who embark in study are in the unfortunate dilemma of sacrificing a regular income especially when studying full time, for the hope of a future with more options.  Study requires extra additional costs of computers, resources and presentation equipment that can often seem overwhelming when added to the normal everyday expenses of travel, children and so on. I am extremely grateful to Te Raparahi Lands Trust for the grant I have received, as it gave me some breathing space to not worry about some of the above mentioned and just get on with the study at hand. I was able to obtain resource materials needed to demonstrate a class presentation and secure ICT assistance to overhaul my current computer problems. Before that I had been relying on the Intitute's opening hours to do most of my work on their computers.     


Once again my deepest gratitude to Te Raparahi Lands Trust for their commitment to support students through Education and into a cycle of creating better opportunities. I plan to do my best to make positive contributions to the lives of all that I come in contact with and fully intend to bring those gifts and new learning’s back to the people, no rei ra tēnā koutou katoa.

Tomairangi Smith

March 5, 2012

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law (hons)


Ko Raukawa, Ko Ngāti Hinerangi ngā iwi

Ko Ngāti Tangata te hapū

Ko Tangata te marae


​I am a grateful recipient of an Education Grant sponsored by the Trust. I attended Waikato University and over the course of 6 years I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Māori & Pacific Development. This tohu looks at how development within western paradigms don't always equate with those from the South Pacific, and examines how indigenous-centric development can be realised on a micro to macro scale. I also completed a Bachelor of Law (Hon), and specialized in corporate and commercial law in my 5th year papers, and studied  Natural resource law and Treaty Cross Claimant issues for my honours papers.


I can honestly say, that without the financial support of the Trust, and others, I could never have completed my degree.  Attending lectures from 8 am to 3pm, then going to work from 3:30 to 11:30, and then going back to the Uni computer labs to finish essays until 2am pretty much described the daily drudge. Receiving help from the Trust relieved the burden of worrying about how I was going to pay rent, which means I could then do less hours at work, and put in more hours of study.


Consequently, I made it to honours (top 35 students out of a class of 200), and represented Waikato Law School at two Mooting Competitions at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and the University of the South Pacific in Vanuatu. To be honest, I never thought that a kid who grew up on our Marae would end up arguing jurisprudence against an Australian High Court Judge. Since completing my degree, I have travelled around, and spent two years teaching English in South Korea.  I am now back in New Zealand, and like most rangatahi, I hope to one day make a difference.


I would just like to say a big mihi to the Trustees and the beneficial owners for making your support available.

Jessica Samuels

March 5, 2012

Bachelor of Environmental Management & Planning


Ko Raukawa, Ko Ngāti Hinerangi ngā iwi

Ko Hinerangi Tawhaki  te marae


Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of environmental management and planning degree at Lincoln University in Christchurch. My degree looks at the environmental, economic and social factors that make up the world we live in and how we can ensure the world around us is used in a sustainable way for generations to come.  The whenua is an important part of wairua Māori, so it is imperative that we ensure that our environment is in a healthy state for ourselves and our whānau to come.


I hope to use the knowledge I am gaining through my degree to ensure a healthy, clean, green environment for all people of Aotearoa to enjoy. I have been working for Raukawa Charitable Trust over my university holidays in the Environmental team as an intern.  I received a Trust grant in 2011 and 2012 to aid my studies and without this funding from Te Raparahi Lands Trust I would not be able to put the amount of time and effort into my studies as I currently am.  Living so far from home has also meant considerably more costs and further reliance on my own finances so the help from Te Raparahi has enabled me to stress less about my living costs and I am hugely grateful for the Trust's continued support in my efforts towards gaining tertiary education.


I would like to sincerely thank all the trustees for their support of the education grants and your support of me.

Ngira Simmonds

March 15, 2012

Theology Studies


Ko Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huri te hapū

Ko Pikitū te marae


Currently I am studying at St Johns Theological College, which is the training college for the Anglican Ministry. I am a Priest, actually I am the youngest Anglican Priest in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I believe Christianity is important for Māori, and can offer us so much. As a Mihinare (Māori Anglican) I am passionate about justice and equality for Māori.  The grant from Te Raparahi Lands Trust helped me with my costs for attending the University of Auckland. It paid for a portion of my fees and helped so much. Tertiary study is expensive, and hard! Not having to worry about how I was going to pay for it really helped.  It gave me the ability to focus more on my studies which meant I passed and could return to support my iwi.


Kei whakarerea koe e te atawhai, e te pono; heia ki tou kaki; tuhituhia iho, ko tou ngakau ano hei papa.


​Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart


​Proverbs 3:3


Lynnell Keung Walmsley

March 22, 2012

Bachelor of Optometry


Ko Raukawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Huia te hapū

Ko Matau te marae


I was born and raised in the Waikato and have been blessed with a supportive whānau.  My interests include cooking, exercise (to try and burn off some of the cooking), and spending time with family.

In 2005 I graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Optometry degree.  And since then I have been working as an Optometrist in Wellington and now in Hamilton, as well as being a full-time mother. The main reason why I choose to become an Optometrist is, so I could help make eye (health) care more accessible to our people.  My dream is set up a mobile eye clinic, with the intention of providing eye-care to the Māori community. The Te Raparahi Lands Trust has been a great blessing to me and my whānau by supporting me through my 5 years of tertiary education.  The grant eased the financial burden of studying at University as well as living away from home, and I was able to concentrate more of my energy into studying and spend less time worrying about finances.


Not only was the financial support important, but I also knew the Trust was there to morally support me through these difficult years of University. My Father has always taught our family, that if we work hard now, it will help make life easier in the future.  I have found that hard work, coupled with the support of whānau, makes life easier still.

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